A Sober Take For Alabama

Alabama has not had a Democratic Senator since January 3, 1997. That will change in January 2018– a streak over two decades long has been broken by Doug Jones. Earlier this year, Virginia repudiated President Trump with a wave election for Democrats. Many on the left are more than ready to apply this narrative to […]

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Against Due Process

Off the bat, let me define what I mean by being against due process. I certainly do not mean being against due process of law. I support that one-hundred-percent. By being against due process, I mean I am against a cop-out argument meant to avoid tarnishing a certain side politician. Whenever someone invokes “innocent until […]

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Roy Moore Must Step Aside

Roy Moore is a disgusting human being and pathetic representation of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Today, at noon, the Washington Post dropped a story that made it crystal clear. With three/four accusations and thirty other sources, the Washington Post dropped a bombshell report accusing Moore of inappropriate conduct with minors. If these […]

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