Robert Mugabe Resigns

A week after a military takeover, Mugabe formally steps down from office

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Quasi-Coup in Zimbawbe

The president is under the military’s custody and could be ousted after decades of rule.

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Trump is Wrong to End Michelle Obama’s Girls’ Education Program

In 2015, Michelle Obama led the “Let Girls Learn” United States initiative to promote girls’ access to education in impoverished countries.  Today, Trump ended that program, effective immediately. This cut is not only disheartening, but this is a grave mistake that will impact the millions of children whose lives were enriched by this program.  Investing in […]

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How Africa Got Left Behind

Robert Colvile’s excellent article on Prince Charles’s misunderstanding of the causes of African poverty provides a good opportunity to take a closer look at Africa’s economic history. African poverty was not caused by colonialism, capitalism, or free trade. As I have noted before, many of Europe’s former dependencies became rich precisely because they maintained many of […]

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