Why I AM a Conservative

Abstract: In the United States, Conservatism has faced a significant amount of cultural resistance from political liberals, progressives, and libertarians. The amount of internal tension within the American Conservative and Right-of-Center political spheres has been equally significant. With the election of Donald Trump, it is logical to argue that Conservatism seems to have failed in […]

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Smashing Socialism

Has there ever been an economic system that ended in a more spectacular failure than socialism? While the average person in socialist Venezuela lost 17 pounds last year because of food shortages we are dealing with the problem of too much food in America. While socialist North Korea is dark at night Capitalist South Korea […]

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Against NRx

Western thought created the Enlightenment with the refutation of monarchism. The old feudal system was bad because it failed to recognize the ability to reason innate in (most) all human beings. It valued stability at the cost of dignity, and forced both liberty and progress into a position subordinate to theology. The theology of monarchy, […]

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Debating A Flat Earth Ancap

Recently, I debated @ancap_outlaw on the topic of anarchy, if it could happen, and if it’s a good idea. I highly suggest watching the debate in its entirety as it was a fun debate to have. I say this because if I just told you he lost you would think I was just being condescending. […]

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