10 Arguments against Net Neutrality

I often get asked why I am against net neutrality. Because of this, I chose to create a comprehensive guide to my anti-net neutrality arguments. Enjoy. Net Neutrality regulations, as understood in the current political debate, did not exist until 2015. While net neutrality proponents will try and switch out the political issue for the […]

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A Defense of Walmart

Walmart, while not perfect, deserves, from a utilitarian perspective, a three for good ethical standards and especially its benefits towards society. When evaluating Walmart, we should evaluate it by how much good it does. Jeremy Bentham laid out the standard we should use, “the greatest happiness of the greatest number . . . ”. While […]

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The Libertarian Case Against Abortion

I describe myself as a libertarian, but also a conservative. What I stress about these beliefs, and the potential perception that these two descriptions contradict each other, particularly in terms of abortion, is my personal interpretation and definition of these ideologies that I subscribe to. As a libertarian, which would be my primary ideology, I […]

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Against Due Process

Off the bat, let me define what I mean by being against due process. I certainly do not mean being against due process of law. I support that one-hundred-percent. By being against due process, I mean I am against a cop-out argument meant to avoid tarnishing a certain side politician. Whenever someone invokes “innocent until […]

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Hoppe’s Alt-Right Speech was Awful

The much-awaited Hans-Herman Hoppe “Libertarianism and the ‘Alt-Right’” speech is out and I thought it was relatively awful, so I figured I’d use this occasion to explain why, and to show the gigantic difference between the misguided path which the Hoppean ideology has taken libertarianism towards vs. the glorious path the great Mises, Hazlitt, and […]

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