Is Libertarianism Unsustainable?

A continuation of the strand of Libertarianism that seeks to maximize individual freedom via maximizing individual autonomy will inevitably come in conflict with not only itself, but with moral precepts and standards that seek to limit the actions of the individual, ultimately making libertarianism unsustainable.

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A Catholic Libertarian’s Response to the Americanism Heresies

Many may remember when Pope Francis condemned libertarianism awhile back, claiming that libertarianism and Catholicism were not compatible. Although this essay’s focus is not on Pope Francis’s condemnation of libertarianism itself, it is of relation to his claims. Rather, the focus of this essay is that of the Americanism Heresies declared by Pope Leo XIII. […]

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A Defense of Walmart

Walmart, while not perfect, deserves, from a utilitarian perspective, a three for good ethical standards and especially its benefits towards society. When evaluating Walmart, we should evaluate it by how much good it does. Jeremy Bentham laid out the standard we should use, “the greatest happiness of the greatest number . . . ”. While […]

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The Libertarian Case Against Abortion

I describe myself as a libertarian, but also a conservative. What I stress about these beliefs, and the potential perception that these two descriptions contradict each other, particularly in terms of abortion, is my personal interpretation and definition of these ideologies that I subscribe to. As a libertarian, which would be my primary ideology, I […]

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