Brief History of Capitalism

A short explanation on how the capitalist economic system came to be, and how it evolved in its early stages. [By Andrew Joseph Riesberg]

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A Defense of Walmart

Walmart, while not perfect, deserves, from a utilitarian perspective, a three for good ethical standards and especially its benefits towards society. When evaluating Walmart, we should evaluate it by how much good it does. Jeremy Bentham laid out the standard we should use, “the greatest happiness of the greatest number . . . ”. While […]

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Libertarian (and Conservative) Lunacy

The debate over net neutrality has caused a split in the American right. Significant portions of our side have defected to the side of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Reason Magazine editor, Robby Soave summarized the two sides well on Twitter, “arguments against [net neutrality] are usually well-reasoned and moderate. Arguments for it are consistently […]

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