Review of Wonder Woman

I occasionally do movie reviews and in the past, I have done formatted it in the standard paragraph format. This time I will change it up, I will do a quick overview and then do bullet points with my more in-depth thoughts. I am changing the format because I struggled writing reviews and adequately expressing […]

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Important Life Lesson from Kanye

The Chicago rapper is known for all sorts of antics. Fighting with the papparazzi, accusing the president of disregarding black people, and stealing an acceptance speech to declare who should have won. Nevertheless, you can’t just dismiss “Ye” as some crazy celebrity (although he may be so). Over the course of his artistic career, Kanye […]

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What Lil Uzi Says About Today’s Music

The entertainment industry gets a lot of flak by conservatives for various reasons. From normalizing lustful behavior, to promoting drug usage; mainstream music has broken taboo’s that go against values such as charity and temperance, with greed and gluttony, so they say. It is these values that have caused our generation, millennials, to fall into moral relativism and secular lifestyles. […]

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