A Plan for Syria

Now that the US has gotten involved in Syria fighting ISIS and the Kurds are approaching Raqqa, there must be a plan for a post-ISIS Syria. Some people might argue that the US should stop bombing Syria the day ISIS falls. Others might say we need to empower the Kurds to control all of Northern […]

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Debunking Rape Culture

Many leftist feminists say that in the West, in America in particular, there is an all-pervasive “rape culture.” If this claim is true, then it must be addressed, as I doubt any of us wants to live in such a culture. However, is it true? What evidence is there of this? First, we must address: […]

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Libertarian Globalism

Many people have this belief, libertarians especially, that America should not interfere in other countries’ affairs because what happens in say, Libya, does not affect American citizens. However, this is a flawed argument in theory because what happens in your neighbor’s house doesn’t affect you, so you shouldn’t stop him from raping someone in his […]

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