Black Teen Who Committed Hate Crime Against Disabled Boy Receives Probation

James Lakin | CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Last year, our the world was captivated and disgusted by the abhorrent story of a disabled boy who was kidnapped and tortured by 4 Chicago teenagers over Facebook Live, taunting him with racial slurs while he was held captive.Today, one of these teens, Brittany Covington, will receive no prison time […]

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Is Our Society Still Racist?

An investigation was conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research whereby resumes of equal qualifications were submitted to various available positions. The research, which was aggregated across a multitude of industries, found that names such as Emily Walsh and Joe Baker were 33% more likely to get a call back than names such as […]

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JB Pritzker – A Man For Himself

JB Pritzker, a wealthy Illinois Democrat running for governor, has taken a $230,000 tax deduction off of the 6.2 million dollar mansion he purchased next door to his other mansion. This may seem bad, however, it is only one of the many ways that Pritzker exploits the system for his benefit. His family’s business, Hyatt […]

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This Week In Stocks

Gainers & Losers This week retail stocks slumped after almost all of them reporting weakened first quarter earnings. JC Penny(NYSE:JCP) , Macy’s(NYSE:M) , and Sears Holdings(NASDAQ:SHLD) declined the most, losing 17% ,19% , and 12% respectively. Sears in particular has had to begin liquidating its periphery brands to continue operating its stores and has produced […]

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