10 Awful Things about China

I’m trying to put together what I think will be an amazing post, so I didn’t have time to do much for this one.

1. Let’s go back in time: the Great Leap Foward and the tens of millions that killed, the support for North Korea, and the support for North Vietnam.

2. The 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

3. Their constant effort to enforce a pro-China world view on the west.

4. Their violation of international law and national sovereignty by claiming Japanese, Vietnamese, Philippines, Indian, and other countries waters and territory as theirs along with international water as theirs.

5. Their violation of Hong Kong sovereignty which they promised when the British gave control of the island. In the process, they have suppressed the movement for democracy and freedom in the city.

6. Their support for the even more evil regime in North Korea.

7. They have literal reeducation camps with hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in them.

8. They are forcing birth control on the Uighur population to suppress them. That is literal genocide.

9. They tried to cover up COVID-19 while it was in its early stages making way for the global pandemic and economic depression we are in now. Since then they have constantly lied about how many cases they have and their economic state.

10. They have tried to steal US vaccine data.

2 thoughts on “10 Awful Things about China

  1. Help educate me here as when it comes to these matters you often give me new perspective. I also want to state that I do agree China is horrible, especially concerning human rights violations.

    1. You talk about their support of N Korea, we support Saudi Arabia (sponsored terrorism)
    2.Tiananmen Square: we have Kent State, civil rights battles and slavery in our past to compare to.
    3. We also have a constant efforts of Pro USA all over the world.
    4. I believe point 4 can be compared to our claiming of Hawaii
    5. Fully agree with this point
    6. This point goes back to Saudi Arabia and also my opinion on Israel
    7. Lets not forget our internment camps and honestly our own institutionalized racism
    8. Agreed
    9. Well this one is obvious with our handling of this pandemic with our current leadership


    1. 1. Saudi Arabia is nowhere near as awful as North Korea nor is Saudi Arabia nearly as dependent on us as NK is on China. If we stopped our alliance with SA tomorrow their behavior would likely continue. If China stopped supporting NK they could very well collapse.
      2. 4 people died at Kent State and is universally condemned. I learned about it in school. Tiananmen killed hundreds if not thousands and is still denied by China.
      3. Yes, the use has a constant pro-USA effort but it’s not coercive.
      4. Which happened over 130 years ago.
      6. Back to 1 and supporting Israel is good
      7. Our internment camps were over 70 yeara ago and are widely condemned as a mistake. Additionally, they aren’t comparable to Chinese reeducation camps.
      9. Yes but we didn’t try to cover it up to protect our presitige. Incompetence and malevolence are different.

      Thank you for reading and engaging!


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