6 People I would make President in November

A Twitter account I followed posed an interesting question: “If you could wave a magic wand and make any political figure president in 2021, who would you choose?”. I liked the idea so I thought I would come up with a few people. To make it a little more interesting, I’m going to put the emphasis on “any”. For each pick, I am assuming they have a friendly Congress but it’s still not a rubber stamp. 

1. Mitch Daniels, former Governor of Indiana 

2. Mitt Romney, Utah Senator 

3. Justin Amash, Michigan Representative 

4. Mart Laar, former Estonian Prime Minister 

5. Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister 

6. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO 

Daniels is the guy who makes we wonder what could have been. He was a fantastic governor of Indiana and I think the sky could have been the limit for a Daniels administration. 

President Obama winning in 2012 was a deeply terrible thing for this country. Not because he’s some radical Islamic socialist, but because Romney lost. Romney, for all his faults, is a deeply honest man and just about everyone recognizes that. Yet, the Obama campaign viciously attacked him in 2012. I think the rejection of GOP orthodoxy and the rise of Donald Trump can be directly traced to Romney losing. I’m not sure how his administration would have been, but I think our modern politics would be much better. 

Amash is a deeply interesting political figure. He seems to be alone in Washington. He doesn’t fit any box. I’m not sure he has a political future that doesn’t start with running as the Libertarian nominee in 2020– and he turned that down. 

Mart Laar had no idea what he was doing when he became Prime Minister Estonia. He read Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose– and nothing else– and then just did what the book said to do. Enough said. 

“Free trade is God’s diplomacy” -Boris Johnson. Again, enough said. 

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