9 Changes Fortnite Needs

With Chapter 2 Season 3 of Fortnite right around the corner, here are 9 changes I would like to see to the game. 

1. Bring back patch notes. We shouldn’t have to figure out important changes in the game– especially technical changes to the game play.  

2. More fun updates. Fortnite was at its best when Epic was constantly adding in fun new items. Maybe they are out of new ideas, but if they are just rotate in old vaulted items like impulse grenades and flint knock pistols.  

3. More shields. Bring the mini cap back to 10 and make big pots more common. Maybe even bring back chug splashes. The lobbies are dying too quickly and there need to be steps to keep the lobbies from getting to 20 players by the first circle.  

4. Increase the lobby size. When the new map was released it was significantly bigger than the old map but the number of players stayed the same. This would also help with lobbies falling off too quickly. 

5. Make SBMM more fluid. However the matchmaking process works, bias it towards the most recent 10 games. If someone gets back to back wins, they should quickly see better competition. 

6. No cross-play. Don’t put PC and console players in the same lobby unless they are in mixed squads. Alternatively, fixing aim assist could also work. 

7. Lean into the memes. Fortnite is great because it doesn’t have to be serious. Let us have fun. 

8. Buff shotguns. Fortnite is a shotgun game at its heart. Tacs don’t do enough damage and pumps take too long to reload. Shotguns are one of the few things in the game that are based on skill. 

9. Increase mobility. Again the map got bigger but the mobility got lessened. I don’t want to spend the whole game running. I think something like slipstreams would go too far but quad crashers or shopping carts would be great.

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