The Vilification of Bill Gates

There seems to be a growing hatred towards Bill Gates. Mr. Gates has spent 30 years of his life and $50 billion supporting humanitarianism. He has saved hundreds of thousands– if not millions of lives– by supporting efforts against Malaria and promoting vaccination. Polio is on the verge of eradication and one of the single largest forces in that effort was Mr. Gates. He’s pledged to build 7 vaccine manufacturing factories to produce COVID-19 vaccines. Plus there’s a plethora of other philanthropic efforts like the funding of free high quality educational platforms like Khan Academy. Then, on top of that, the Gates have pledged massive amounts of their wealth to charity and the vast majority of their remaining wealth to charity once they die. 

Yet, many still vilify him. You have scientifically illiterate potatoes who think he is a child murdering super villain because they watched some quacks YouTube video. Then you have people who wished we taxed Bill Gates. I guess the federal government needs even more money to hamper COVID-19 testing or produce faulty COVID-19 tests. 

Maybe they are still pissed about Windows Vista. 

Exit quote: “The vilification of Bill Gates is disturbing. While many people find it easy to understand being motivated by power & greed, the idea that people might do things because they’re intellectually challenging & also *good* seems too bizarre to contemplate. Sad reflection of humanity.”

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