Make A Friend Feel Appreciated Today

Happy Friend Appreciation Day!

Today I want for everyone reading this to send the following to a minimum of one friend (or something like this)- “Happy Friend Appreciation Day! You must forward this to at least one friend and tell them what you admire and appreciate about them.” And then tell them why you admire and appreciate them.

I hope I get a lot of people in on this challenge, because for starters I am very sick of all the negativity the media is spewing and all the fear they are draping over us. Also, even just one out-of-the-way compliment can completely transform someone’s day, so imagine if we could start something that reached thousands or even millions of people. I think it would be pretty cool.

This is a holiday I just made up. It is true that there is a Friendship Day which could be considered close to this one but I think in the midst of what’s going on we could use another friend-oriented holiday right now specifically focused on appreciating our friends. The beauty about holidays is that they are as real as you make them to be.

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