8 Views I have changed since going to college

As I write this, I’m two weeks from completing the undergraduate program. From when I started back in the fall of 2017 to today I have changed a lot as a person and many of my political views have shifted as well. Here are some of the views I have shifted.

1. I’m much more open to a social safety net to help those in need. I’m particularly partial to negative income taxes. 

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2. I’m now supportive of NGDP targeting by the federal reserve to help stabilize the economy. 

3.  I’ve come to accept global warming as a pressing issue that requires some level of government action to solve. 

4. 3 years ago I probably would have been against most if not all public health institutions. The COVID-19 outbreak has helped me realize the need for strong public health institutions in the US but a strong international network to detect potential pandemics and keep them from breaking out. 

5. I’m much more willing to accept specific government interventions to improve general outcomes. 

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6. I think there are meaningful racial disparities in society. Are they because of racism today? I’m not sure but there are differences that need to be addressed. 

7. Cops– as an institution– suck. I think the last few years have clearly shown police officers use excessive force to protect themselves from low level threats– which often don’t exist or were created by their actions– which results in innocent people dying and the justice system is protecting them. 

8. The establishment isn’t that bad. Globally, the post-World War 2 era has been defined by a general rise in economic prosperity and peace that is historically unprecedented. That’s only accelerated since the fall of the USSR. While they could have done better they didn’t do bad.

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