Why Gun Rights Matter

Gun rights. The ability to not only arm yourself, but WELL, is very crucial to me. The whole “The Founding Fathers never intended for us to have the guns we have today because they only had muskets” argument has never been a good argument to me. If that’s the case, then your First Amendment rights only extend to paper print and not computers or electronics since those did not exist then. Rights are now and always: technology can perhaps make for a grey area or mean new legislation has to be made to address an issue but one thing in this should be clear: we now and always have a right to defend ourselves.

And for those who say that we can trust the government and police to take care of us, and that should be enough for us, I say to you that you really don’t know much history or you are in on something. Because I doubt that the same people who are butchering our education system, our tax system and our healthcare system in addition to virtually everything else they get their hands on are magically gonna be amazing at protecting us. That’s like trusting the kid who constantly gets D’s on his assignments to suddenly get an A on the final exam.

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Furthermore, that’s a pretty lopsided relationship. The government and people are supposed to be in a mutual understanding: that they coexist together and that the government is a necessary evil which the people support as long as it is worthy of doing so. If the government does not trust us to protect ourselves or even with having a gun, then why should we trust a proven corrupt institution to do it? Trust is a two-way street and is earned, not given. Logically most response times are quicker for those with a gun as opposed to calling the police, who could be a long ways away and also possibly not able to leave at the very moment you call. Someone who is robbing your house or trying to kill you is not going to waste their time and is logically going to be as efficient as possible. Who better to protect yourself than the most trustworthy person you know and the person nearest to you- you?

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If we can’t trust ourselves with our own rights and give them up freely to the government then we’ve already lost. Even a benign dictator is a dictator, and there has almost never been such a case. Even if somehow the government protected us better and there were fewer gun deaths (which is highly unlikely as criminals will just utilize the black market to illegally acquire guns, just as they do with drugs or other banned material) we are still at their mercy. It’s rather strange to me that for all the hate Donald Trump gets, Democrats are desperately trying to pass strict gun control measures. For any Democrats reading this, I ask of you would you want Donald Trump to be in control of the only seriously powerful guns in the nation? I know I wouldn’t want either side to have that power, because power is corrupting and will be the end of us.

“I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude”- Thomas Jefferson

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