Debunking Arguments for Abortion

1. “My body, my choice”

Yes, when it comes to your body, you have autonomous control. Our government cannot tell you how many people you can or cannot have sexual relations with. Our government cannot tell you whether or not to utilize birth control. But scientifically speaking, it is not your body. The fetus has its own DNA, it is literally it’s own person. If it was an abortion you were performing on your own body as you speak, then that would be a suicide.

2. “It isn’t a human, just a clump of cells”

Well yes, it is a clump of cells so to speak, but so is every other living thing. If we are going to treat it is just a clump of cells with no relation to being a person, then that contradicts several laws and institutional values we have in this country. If because it is a fetus not yet outside the womb, then why is it treated as a double homicide when a pregnant woman is killed? Why should I be fined, charged a felony, and face 5 years in prison for destroying a Bald Eagle egg if it has not hatched yet? Isn’t it just a clump of cells?

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3. “I’m okay with first trimester abortions/Until there is a heartbeat/etc.”

Roughly 91% of abortions are performed within the first trimester. So if there is to be any debate on whether or not abortion is wrong or not, we should look mostly at this stage of abortion. Yes, it is good that you at least agree that late term abortions are sad and tragic affairs that are not right, but they only account for 1% of abortions in America. Every life matters but we must focus on where the vast majority of abortions occur.

4. “What about rape and incest, or saving the life of the mother?”

Yes, rape and incest do happen, and I think every reasonable human being alive can agree it is very horrific that such is the case. I have never been raped and while I cannot imagine the pain of what it must be like, I do know it is something unspeakably terrible. However, this is often a talking point that is overstated, just like the late term abortion note I explained earlier. Abortions caused by rape and incest are less than 1.5% of all abortions done every year (and abortions needed to save the life of the mother are even less). This is a red herring issue and the vast majority of abortions are not done under these circumstances. And I would argue even in these it does not make life any less valuable.

5. “Women would die in the streets from coat-hanger abortions if it wasn’t legal”

Women did die from illegal abortions. But it was nowhere near the rates most people claim it was. Now no one knows for sure what the true statistics are, because they were performed illegally so there was no point in keeping track. However, one source that I found estimated that few women died from illegal abortions pre-Roe v Wade. According to it, in 1968 only 133 women died from abortion- both illegal and legal.

6. “If men got pregnant, abortion would be legal no question”

Maybe so. Men largely have the power in this country, and both women and men are guilty of great hypocrisy. Representative Ted Murphy of Pennsylvania who was a staunch pro-life representative was forced to resign when it was revealed that he impregnated his mistress and was urging her to get an abortion. But even if that was the case, that does not make it any less wrong. Robbery is wrong to me whether a man does it or a woman, why should abortion be any different?

7. “We want abortions to be safe and rare”

Maybe you genuinely do. Perhaps in the depths of your soul you see abortion as something to be avoided if possible and perceive it as something bad. But intentions count for very little in the end. It’s what results from your actions that does matter. Even if you say by keeping abortion as a right you want it to be rare, I am afraid it is not. About 62 million babies will never be born because of the passing of Roe v. Wade not even 50 years ago.

I never want to demonize someone who has had an abortion. They are just as much a person as me. Are abortions wrong? Absolutely. Are the mothers who go through with abortions victims? Also absolutely. They are victims of lies, being told many of the things I listed above or perhaps something else. Something that would dilute the value of their child, make it seem like nothing. If we are to get people to see the error in their ways and to embrace the light, it will not be screaming. It will not be anger. It will not be name calling. It will be love and gentle debate if anything. And I pray God has mercy on their souls. We are all guilty of something.

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