Why don’t conservatives trust the media?

Earlier this week the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling across ideological lines. Major media outlets ran articles about partisan conservative justices. They didn’t run stories about partisan liberal justices even though they also voted as a block. They also ignored how conservative justices vote together less than the liberal justices. A few days earlier CBS news tweeted a video of a crying nurse saying she was asked to work without a face mask. The video got 24,100 retweets and 56,100 likes. 7 hours later CBS issued a correction about how the nurse actually was assigned a N95 mask per one COVID-19 patient room. The original tweet is still up. These types of mistakes never seem to happen the other way. 

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Let’s go back to the Kavanaugh affair. Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis tweeted about how the FBI investigated the Clarence Thomas allegations. NBC’s Kasie Hunt quote tweeted in support noting how that “directly refutes” the claim the FBI doesn’t investigate “charges like the one leveled against Kavanaugh”. Except Justice Thomas would have been a federal employee at the time. Anita Hill would have been a federal employee at the time. And the allegations would have taken place in a federal building. Or when USA Today published an article claiming in the title that Christine Ford had FOUR witnesses to corroborate her claims. NBC News reporter Peter Alexander tweeted the same claim and VICE News wrote a similar article. Except none the four witnesses could corroborate her claim. They all said they were told of the event decades after it supposedly happened. These levels of nuance don’t get ignored for the other side. 

There’s also how the media ignored Elizabeth Warren sending her kids to private school and lying about it. Or how CNN’s prime time host said he would use his show to push a progressive social message. Or when CBS suggested DC fire department recruits might be making a white power sign because they did the circle game. Or how NBC shut down stories about Harvey Weinstein and ABC shelved stories about Jeffrey Epstein. But don’t worry, ABC made sure to investigate who leaked that they shelved the Jeffrey Epstein story. 

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Exit question: Why don’t conservatives trust the media when the AP tweets things like this

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