Debunking Progressive Cliches, Entry 4: “Conservative Justices are soooo Partisan”

Whenever the Supreme Court makes a 5-4 ruling across ideological lines you can be sure progressive and liberal commentators will ask why conservative justices are so partisan. This recently happened when the court ruled 5-4 that the Wisconsin governor did not have the emergency authority to override statutes passed by the legislature. Never mind this was a position the governor himself had earlier. Never mind that the conservatives had a reasonable argument. Never mind the liberal justices themselves voted in a block. The issue quickly became about partisan conservative justices

But here’s a dirty secret about the court: the conservative justices are less partisan than the liberal justices. In the most recent full term, the court issued 67 decisions. The liberal justices voted together in 51 of those cases! The conservative justices only voted together 37 times. Of the 20 5-4 splits, only 7 had an ideological split. Finally, each conservative justice joined the 4 liberals as the deciding vote at least once. 

Exit question: When was the last time you wondered how a liberal justice would vote?

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