How dare you say correct things

Jason Campbell is a “researcher” at Media Matters for America. By that I mean he watches conservative pundits all day, take legitimate points they make, post them on Twitter, and act like they are unfathomably preposterous ideas that cross the lines of common decency. 

Mr. Campbell’s favorite target is Ben Shapiro. For example, Mr. Shapiro recently equated Amazon strikers with price gougers. Like clockwork,  Mr. Campbell posted the clip on Twitter and acted as if the idea was unconscionable.

But Mr. Shapiro was right. Price gougers are sellers who take advantage of an emergency to demand a higher price. The Amazon strikers are sellers (of their labor) who are taking advantage of an emergency to demand a high price (wage). These are literally the same thing. The only difference is Mr. Campbell likes one and doesn’t like the other. That’s not a valid reason to differentiate them. 

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Or last year when Mr. Shapiro said the US had one of the top life expectancies once you adjust for confounding variables like car accidents and homicides. Again Mr. Campbell posted the clip on Twitter and acted as if the comment was insane.

But again Mr. Shapiro was right. Drug use, transportation injuries, and interpersonal violence account for a year and a year and a half of the difference between the US and other countries, depending on which country we are comparing us to. Dietary and metabolic risk account for another one to two year. Essentially, obesity, drugs, car accidents, and violence accounts for the entire difference in life expectancy between the US and other countries. 

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Mr. Campbell stalks other conservatives as well. For example, he was aghast Matt Walsh would dare to say how many lives need to be saved from COVID-19 to make the shutdown worth it.

But that’s an obvious question. We wouldn’t shut down the country and eat a 30% contraction of GDP to stop a novel virus which would kill only 5 people. 

But the biggest issue with Mr. Campbell isn’t his progressive propaganda. It’s how he goes out of his way to find clips of right wing stupidity and amplify it. It’s a political attack ad dressed up as “research”. 

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