Underrated TV Shows to Watch During Quarantine

Quarantine is boring. Like really boring. You can either stream something or drink whisky. Because I’m a good person– and totally don’t want to keep the whisky for myself– I want to provide some fantastic streaming options for everyone to enjoy. 


Maybe a show with a named fan base– PsychOs– shouldn’t be considered underrated but it is. Outside it’s cult following, very few appreciate the best and most underrated show of the century. Psych is about a fake psychic detective and his best friend going on hilarious adventures to take down the villain of the week. Psych won’t tell a deep story but it will have you roaring with laughter. 

2. Burn Notice

Have you ever wondered what happens to a spy when they are fired? Regardless of your answer,. Matt Nix made a show about answering the question. Action, hilarious deadpan humor, versatile acting, and unique plots. It has it all.

3. White Collar

White Collar follows one of the world’s best art thieves, forgers, and con artists becoming a criminal informant for the FBI agent that caught him. The show is a mix of clever wit, amusing charm, and a quick by playful plot. You won’t regret watching. 

4. Suites 

Some people will notice a pattern starting to form. There are a lot of shows that aired on USA Network from 2005-2015 on this list. That’s because the network’s emphasis on interesting characters that popped off the screen– a fake psychic detective, a burned spy and art thief helping the FBI as show leads– lead to captivating shows. Suites isn’t any different. It is a story of a college dropout who fakes being a Havard educated lawyer at a big shot NYC law firm.  

5. Boston Legal

You would think a show with two A+ actors– James Spader and William Shatner–, a 93% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, and 2 Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series– James Spader– (plus a Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series– William Shatner) in five seasons wouldn’t be considered underrated but it was. Only one of it’s five seasons had a top 45 season in the Nielsen Media yearly ranks of viewers. And, anecdotally, I’ve never met another person who has watched this show. It’s a hilarious mix of serious drama and goofy fun. 

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