COVID-19 Global Pandemic Sources

As I am writing this, the world is racing towards 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases– and given the lack of testing in underdeveloped countries the true number is probably already over. The US has passed 100,000 confirmed cases and 2,000 confirmed deaths. New York City and the surrounding region is ground zero for the US but other states are approaching the event horizon in which exponential growth causes the number of cases to explode. Basically, things are about to start getting bad around the country. Here is where I get my information from so you can stay informed.

General Infectious disease 

My wish: help me stop pandemics 

The Next Outbreak? We’re not ready

What Bill Gates is Afraid Of

Regularly Updated COVID-19 Information  

JHU Global Dashboard

As an added note, this is my go to source for information. It’s always open on my computer setup. 

Cases in US

COVID-19 Stats

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CDC Worst Case Estimates

The Exponential Power of Now

They Contained the Coronavirus. Here’s How

Coronavirus: Why you must act now

Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance

Get ready for a 1918-like senario

What hospitals can do to prepare for COVID-19

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Economic recommendations for COVID-19

Coronavirus could still overwhelm US

72 Hours Inside a NYC Hospital

13 deaths in a day: An “apocalyptic” coronavirus surge at an NYC hospital

Trump wants to reopen America. Here’s what happens if we do.

Bill Gates on how to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Health Bureaucrats botched the response, Trump made it worse 


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