The Official Timeline of Brady’s Luck™️

Call me a hater all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m correct. The entire case of Brady being the GOAT relies on so many insane plays going his way– and literally never going the other way. Here is the official timeline of Brady’s Luck™️.


2001 Postseason

With under two minutes in the AFC Divisional round and down by 3 Tom Brady fumbled the ball but is bailed out by the Tuck Rule.

Ty Law intercepts Kurt Warner and takes it back for a 47-yard touchdown in Super Bowl XXXVI. That allowed Adam Vinatieri to kick the third longest field goal in Superbowl history and the only game-winning score on the final play in Superbowl history.

2003 Season

In the Divisional Round, Drew Bennett dropped a pass that would have put the Titans inside the red zone with almost two minutes to go. Instead, of being in range for a game-tying field goal and in position for a winning touchdown, the Titans didn’t get another snap. A few minutes earlier, Brady lead a 13-yard game winning drive to set up a 46-yard Vinatieri field goal. Brady went 1 for 4 for 4-yards on that drive.

In Super Bowl XXXVIII, Panthers kicker John Kasay kicked the ball out of bounds. The Patriots got the ball at their 40 and were able to set up a 41-yard game winner by Vinatieri.

2006 Season

In the Divisional Round, Marlon McCree intercepted Tom Brady to seal the game and then fumbled it back to New England.

2007 Season

In the Conference Championship, San Diego’s starting QB played with a torn ACL. LaDainian Tomlinson didn’t play at all. Brady threw more interceptions than touchdowns, but he got bailed out as always.

2011 Season

Lee Evans dropped Baltimore’s game-winner in the Conference Championship game and Billy Cundiff missed the tying 32-yard field goal.

2014 Season

Malcolm Butler picked the ball off on the goal line with less than 30 seconds left when Seattle was on the 1-yard line, had a timeout and two more downs to seal Super Bowl XLIX.

2016 Season

In the Divisional Round, Brady completed less than half his passes and threw as many interceptions and touchdowns. But he played against Brock Osweiler.

Robert Alford literally had the interception that would have sealed Super Bowl LI in his two hands, but he somehow dropped it and Julian Edelman grabbed it between 3 Atlanta defenders for a 23-yard gain.

2017 Season

While not in the playoffs, the catch rule call gave New England the game and without it, they would have been the second seed and would have had to face Jacksonville in the game they beat Pittsburgh and if they won they would have had to travel to Pittsburg.

Myles Jack was stripped of a touchdown in the conference championship. Jacksonville got 0 instead of 7. They lost by 4.

2018 Season

After the catch rule change, New England was benefited with a critical third-down catch on their fourth-quarter drive to retake the lead. Oh, and Dee Ford being 6 inches over the line created a pre-snap infraction which didn’t affect the play at all and negated Brady’s game losing interception.

And before someone tries to drag Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI into this, he completed less than 63% of his passes for an average of 6-yards and only 3 touchdowns for 1 interception. A fine performance, but nothing the supposed GOAT should be over the moon about.

Cue the fangirls whining about how someone is actually looking at Brady’s record and isn’t just accepting that he’s the GOAT. Sure, Brady has five rings, but if that is your case for him being the GOAT then you’re saying he is the greatest because of BS plays that always go his way and prevent him from losing more often. You can claim nitpicking, but these insane plays constantly happen and they always benefit Brady. It’s one of the reasons his fangirls can’t talk about his individual play.

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