Tom Brady is the worst quarterback ever

Tom Brady is THE worst quarterback ever. I don’t mean his talent– he’s probably the second-best quarterback around and one of the greatest ever. I mean his reputation and how he earned it. I love watching great athletes, but I hate athletes who get credit for what they don’t deserve. Tom Brady is a fantastically talented quarterback who tends to play somewhere between above average to dog-shit in big-games, get bailed out by his consistently elite defense and lucky breaks but gets credit for his team’s achievements as if he accomplished them single-handedly. Let’s look at his nineteen-year career.

Tom Brady is a quarterback who has played in 8 Superbowls but has had the worse passer rating in 5 of them. In the five QBR era Super Bowls he has had the worse rating in 3 of them– including in Superbowl LII against Nick Foles– and was only 0.4 points better than Matt Ryan in Superbowl LI. If we broaden out to include the AFC championship games, Brady has the higher QBR by at least one point in six different matchups, but he has the lower QBR by at least one point in eight different matchups. His career QBR is 65.6 in these games. To be clear, that’s an above average QBR but far from a rating that shows a quarterback willing their team to glory.

In the 2001 playoffs, when Brady won his first Super Bowl, he threw only 1 touchdown and had to be bailed out by the bullshit tuck rule. In 2003, he won a Superbowl completing less than 60% of his passes in the playoffs. In 2014 he won a Superbowl throwing interceptions on 3% of his passes and in 2011 he got to a Superbowl throwing interceptions on 3.6% of his passes. To put that in perspective, Aaron Rodgers playoff interception rate has never been higher than 2.9%. Yet, his fangirls never attempt to grapple with these facts.

Or how since Brady started playing, he has the two worst passer rating performances in the playoffs that still got a win and three of the worst four.

Or Superbowl XXXVIII, when he was set up at the 40-year line because of an out of bounds kick– with over a minute to go and three time outs-. He had to go less than 40 yards to get up the greatest field goal kicker ever for the game-winner.

Or Superbowl LI when he played like dogshit for three quarters– including a pick six– only to be bailed out by his defense and Atlanta. Massive sack fumble. Sack to push Atlanta out of field goal range. A dropped pick for an amazing catch. Anyone of these would have killed the comeback.

Or Superbowl XLIX which was only won because Malcolm Butler made a fantastic read to force an endzone turnover against Seattle with twenty-six seconds remaining.

Or how Brady only made Superbowl XIVI because Lee Evans dropped a game-winning touchdown he had two hands and his body on and Billy Cundiff missed the game-tying chip shot field goal.

Or how the pre-2018 NFL catch rule helped propel him to Superbowl LII and the very next year the rule change and it immediately helped propel him to another Superbowl.

Or how he plays in the worst division in the National Football League– whose past and present quarterbacks include Mark Sanchez, post-retirement Brett Favre, Ryan Tannehill, Nathan Peterman, and Tyrod Taylor. A division which has had only eight double-digit win seasons since 2002 outside of New England– every other division had at least ten since 2002 when you remove their most dominant team. Five of the remaining seven divisions has at least twelve– ie 50% more.


Like I said, garbage division.

Or how he has had a top 10 defense in 14 of his 17 years as a starter while Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees have a combined 12 top 10 defenses in 44 seasons. Oh, and Tom Brady has never had a defense worse than 18th. Manning, Rodgers, and Brees have a combined 21 defenses in that category.

Or how Matt Cassel– the guy with a career QBR below fifty– lead New England to an eleven win season, a top 10 scoring offense, and only missed the playoffs because the AFC North, South, and East combined for six double-digit win teams in 2008. When Peyton Manning missed a year with the Colts they went 2-14 and the Green Bay Packers Went 3-5 without Aaron Rodgers– including an overtime win against a winless Browns team.

Tom Brady’s career is epitomized by him choking and playing like an average quarterback in big games but getting bailed out. In the AFC championship game, he went 30 for 46 with one touchdown and two interceptions. That gave him a passer raiting of 77.1. On the other side, Patrick Mahomes 16 for 31 with three touchdowns and no interceptions which gave him a raiting of 117.

Tom Brady is a quarterback who can go 20 for 60 for no touchdowns and two interceptions, be carried to a win and get all the credit. And that’s what drives me up a wall. Sure, Brady is an amazing quarterback, but he’s never put on the consistently great show Rodgers has. Everything out of his has gone his way and his own play hasn’t consistently lived up to the hype in big games yet no one cares. There is no skepticism around Tom Brady yet obviously superior quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers are under a microscope. Tom Brady’s reputation is the reputation of the twenty-one men around him plus Bill Belichick. He’s a product of a system any average quarterback could excel in. That’s why he’s the worst– because he lives on an unearned reputation which can’t be backed with his individual performances.

Exit quote: “5 of Brady’s last 9 GWD’s came off of a dropped or negated game ending INT. Brady’s Luck™️ isn’t just some hater shit, it’s quantifiable.”

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