Leftists defend Venezuelan Socialism

Can you imagine the media circus if a prominent right winger came out in opposition to democratic protests to overthrow an authoritarian right wing regime? It would be insane. Every Republican from dog catcher up to Mitch McConnell would be asked about it. Hell, progressives still bring up the Chicago Boys and Chile. And that makes the deafening silence over prominent progressives opposing democratic protests in socialist Venezuela that much more impressive.

Why do conservatives think the media is biased?

Here is leading progressive Representative Ro Khanna. This was retweeted by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

And here is another progressive darling

Lastly, here is the largest progressive media outlet going to bat for Murduro.

All of these are fantastic examples of the two step maneuver bootlickers who don’t want to be seen as bootlicekrs do– a maneuver perfected by libertarians who defend Assad and Putin. They’ll preface their arguments with how bad the regime is but when it gets to their actual argument they’ll defend the regime.

There are a couple of arguments in these statements I want to address. For starters, the idea backing Juan Guaidó is “Trump’s efforts to install a [sic] far right opposition” is insane. Guaidó is a member of the social democratic Popular Will party which is a member of Socialist International. Let’s not pretend he’s going to be the second coming of Murray Rothbard.

Secondly, the US is not anointing “the leader of the opposition in Venezuela”. Guaidó is the elected leader of the National Assembly. That is a legitimate claim to leadership and political power.  

Thirdly, the idea this is a “US backed coup” is an outright falsehood. The opposition is demanding free and fair elections– the literal opposite of a coup. That demand is supported by the National Assembly. If anything, the “coup” was done by Murduro when he tried to strip the assembly of its powers because his supporters no longer controlled it and replace it with an alternative assembly filled with his own cronies. A reserve coup of sorts.  

Supporting a “negotiated settlement” is nothing more than a bullshit cover so Khanna, Ilhan and others don’t have to openly side with a repressive dictator. You can’t negotiate with a dictator who tries to strip his opposition of what little power they have to protect his regime. Furthermore, let me point out how Chenk asked “what do you do when someone with dictatorial tendencies captures the government” and then proceed to not answer the questions. My guess is because he knows the two answers are 1. side with the Venezuelan opposition or 2. say you gotta outvote Murduro.

Lastly, shoutout to #NotRealSocialism. You’ll notice progressives think the problem with Venezuela is “mismanagement”. That’s because as much as progressives want to distance themselves from socialist experiments like the USSR, they don’t actually think the fundamental experiment was wrong. Sure, they don’t like how brutal it is but they are completely on board with the state centrally planning the economy. You just have to find the perfect progressive angles to manage the economy.

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