How Trump and Congress did in 2018

Ya this is a bit late but I wanted to put something out and I’m still working on a more topical article.

So what did President Donald Trump, his administration and a Republican government accomplish in their second year?

  1. Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS
  2. 18 Judges to Appeals Courts and another 47 to Circuit Courts
  3. Opening ANWR to drilling
  4. Banking deregulation
  5. Net Neutrality repeal
  6. Right to try
  7. Criminal Justice reform
  8. A trade war
  9. Gun control via executive order
  10. Longest government shutdown ever

What did they fail to accomplish?

  1. ObamaCare? Still there.
  2. Abortion? Still funded.
  3. Deficit reduction? Nope.
  4. Wall? Still not happening.
  5. North Korea? Still has nukes.
  6. Stability and competence in the government? Absent.

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