25 must follow conservatives on Twitter

Twitter is a toxic subculture but conservative Twitter is– generally– a light in the dark. Here are 25 conservative Twitter accounts everyone should follow. While you’re at it, follow me @_Credible_Hulk.

  1. Allahpundit
  2. Comfortably Smug
  3. Scott Lincicome
  4. Julian Sanchez
  5. Popehat
  6. Gabriel Malor
  7. AG Conservative
  8. Josh Jordon
  9. Jonah Goldberg
  10. Robert George
  11. PoliMath
  12. Neontaster
  13. Charles Cooke
  14. Noah Rothman
  15. Drew McCoy
  16. Matt Walsh
  17. Jeff B
  18. Ben Domenech
  19. Jay Caruso
  20. Mark J Perry
  21. Sean Trendy
  22. Jay Cost
  23. Alex Griswold
  24. Sonny Bunch
  25. Noah Rothman

Honorable mentions:
Tim Carney
Shannon Last
Ross Douthat
Patrick Ruffini
Guy Benson

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