Is there a Democrat worth supporting in 2020?

Is there a Democrat worth supporting in 2020? Recently that question has posed to me a couple of times. Almost two years into the Trump administration and there is an, admittedly, small group of conservatives who want a new President after the election and one of the most obvious choice would be the Democratic nominee. At first glance, there are a couple of guys– and a gal– potentially worth considering. But since we are ideologically opposed the Democrats let’s stipulate a few things to make the question easier.

First, let’s stipulate there will be no additional abortion policy on the table at the federal level until the next administration. Second, let’s stipulate there will be a Democratic House and a Republican Senate for the entirety of the administration. Third, Donald Trump is the Republican nominee in 2020 and he will serve out his term if he wins.

Next, you have to understand there is no perfect Democrat. They are all flawed. That’s why they are Democrats. The Democratic Party has three wings. There are woke progressives, economic progressives, and Wall Street Democrats. The woke progressives are intersectional feminists who are concerned with social justice while economic democrats are those concerned with economic justice. Of course, a lot of progressives believe both, but they generally favor one lane over the other. But you also have Wall Street Democrats. These are your Obama or Clinton types. Sure they pander to the progressives, but they don’t want to jack taxes up. Their economic platform would cut middle-class taxes, but marginally raise taxes on the wealthy, strengthen unions, increase the social safety net and regulate the market but not to the point government has de-facto control. They are socially liberal and generally liberal internationalists on foreign policy.

Obviously, we want someone from the Wall Street wing– someone we disagree with but isn’t interested in a radical change of the status quo. Former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and former Representative Beto O’Rourke make up the obvious contenders form this wing. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could also be a potential candidate is he chooses to run. Current Governors Steven Bullock and John Hickenlooper are other potential options, although significantly less prominent.

Before I close, a word on the two lesser-known front-runners. Both Klobuchar and Beto have consistently been to the right of their party. Beto has been more conservative than 77% of House Democrats in his three terms while Klobuchar has been more conservative than 71% of her Senate colleagues in her tenure. Neither Klobuchar nor Beto have co-sponsored Bernie Sanders single payer bill. Progressives have even been openly skeptical of Beto.

So, is it possible for conservatives to find a Democrat to support in 2020? If they oppose Trump so much they are willing to support a conventional liberal then yes. It is possible. Personally, I don’t think I’ll find myself in that camp.

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