15 Undeniable Refutations to Qanon

Since late October 2017 there has been an absolutely insane conspiracy theory in right-wing circles called Qanon. In short, the theory states someone– or a small group– with Q clearance in the Department of Energy is working with President Trump to expose a ring of pedophiles– the deep state, Hollywood, democratic party– that has been running the country by dropping “breadcrumbs” — i.e. Trump’s 4D chess plans– on 4chan message boards and now on 8chan message boards. Like any insane conspiracy theory, it has clear problems. Here is over a dozen of them.

See this link here to look through a Q post archive. I will make sure to include dates to Q claims because I cannot link to them directly, but the archive allows you to search via date.

  1. Hillary was supposed to be arrested back in October of 2017. This claim was in Q’s first two posts. It obviously never happened.
  2. On October 31, Q claimed John Podesta would be indicted on November 3 and Huma Abedin would be indicted on November 6th. Maybe he meant November 3 and 6 2020– the next time neither of those dates are on weekends.
  3. Qanon claims to have been on Air Force One. He even has pictures! Sucks they were taken three years earlier by ABC News. Credit to @thefactsyndicate for this one.
  4. Central to Q’s claims about Trump leading a takedown of pedophiles is a record amount of sealed indictments. Only one problem, there is no record amount of sealed indictments!
  5. Q claimed Kim was a CIA puppet on November 1, 2017 and that a deal was made with Kim on March 8, 2018 because the strings were cut. President Trump ended negotiations with North Korea on August 25th over a lack of “sufficient progress”.
  6. On June 26, 2018 Q claimed July 2018 was “the month the world discovered the TRUTH.” July is over. August is over. I am still waiting for the “TRUTH”.
  7. On March 10, 2018 Q posted a picture of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. As I pointed out at the time, after a Q Cult member reposted it, the hotel had no relevance to the meeting. Neither Kim nor Trump stayed there nor were the negotiations held there. Kim did go to the viewing platform at the hotel the night before as part of his sightseeing but when you make a vague and opened claim about one of the more significant landmarks in the city, a sightseeing stop does not cut it.
  8. On June 11th, the day before the Singapore Summit, Q posted “FF weather alert (WW).” For those who do not know, “FF” means False Flag and “WW” means World Wide. Outside the obvious vagary of that post, nothing happened.
  9. On June 11, 2018 Qanon supporters decided a missile was fired at Air Force One on its way to Singapore. The Q cult did not let the fact Air Force One would have been thousands of miles away, no one heard a missile launch, and the local navy base doesn’t have missile capabilities stop them. They decided to claim a medical helicopter was a missile fired at the President. The next day, Q posted, along with a picture of the “missile launch”, “This is not a game. Certain events were not supposed to take place.” Sounds like an endorsement of a theory a government insider would know is false. Similarly, Q posted a picture of a submarine. One of the main theories surrounding the event was an anti-aircraft missile fired from a sub– even though that is not a thing.
  10. Q posted “Thank you USSS.” on June 13, 2018. This post is particularly special because it includes a picture taken inside a black car with a plane in front. The plane has “NITE” written on it with what looks like a U before the N. The conclusion for this is obvious; as one Reddit user posted on the main Qanon reddit “Q posts from inside Secret Service vehicle parked in front of AF1[?]” Only one problem, it is clearly a United Airlines flight. You can tell because it uses the same blue lettering and font as United and has a white and grey paint job with a gold trim in between, like United planes. In short, it looks nothing like Air Force One.
  11. According to Q, Special Counsel Robert Muller is not actually investigating Trump. Rather, he is working with Trump (see posts on October 29 and 31 2017). This theory ran into some problems when the Special Counsel threw Paul Manafort in jail.
  12. There have been a couple of slip-ups. As NBC reported, one of the original promoters of Q literally logged into his account on a live stream.
  13. On August 10, 2018 Q dropped a code. This “code”, turns out, was just random typing. Other Q “codes” are also just random typing.
  14. These posts are almost all unbelievably vague. None of these posts provide specific predictions. Instead they provide vague statements that can be twisted to fit any conclusion the Q cult needs.
  15. As I said in the intro, this theory is absolutely insane– and that is an understatement. It has the absurdity of pizzagate and Seth Rich rolled into one and on drugs. Department of Energy security clearance? Putting information on message boards? It is obviously insane.

Bonus: Although this is not a refutation, it is a funny tidbit. Qanon is so dumb it was laughed off 4chan. That is why it was relocated to 4chan’s extra retarded cousin– 8chan.

But so what if not everything is true? As some Q cult members might say, not everything Q says must be right. But the logic behind this is clearly flawed. If you start from the premise not everything needs to be right, then you can dismiss anything that disproves you– your thesis is unfalsifiable.

Who is behind Q is vital to the truth of Qanon. If Q is just some guy pulling a prank, then thousands of Q cult/MAGA cult morons– including many influential ones– have been duped. There is no reason to believe Q if he is not who his supporters say he is and there is no reason to believe Q is what they say he is.

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