InfoWars’ Supposed “Attack” is a Publicity Stunt

Alex Jones’ InfoWars, a site famous for it’s conspiracy lunacy, went down amid several social networks and platforms banning it’s content from their websites.

Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones were incredibly quick to declare the “site was under a cyber attack” tweeting “Communist China and the Democrats are making their move against the American!”

Paul Joseph Watson claimed the site was under a “cyber attack”.

Why you should be skeptical of this supposed attack


Sites do not randomly go down without reason, webhosts rely on high uptimes to gain the trust of their clients, moreover, neither Alex nor Paul tell us what this supposed “Cyber-attack” is, this severe lack of details leads me to believe that the site was taken down intentionally by the crew at InfoWars as a publicity stunt, so they can continue to claim they’re being “censored”.

The site was also part of the Cloudfare Network, which protects against DDoS and other attacks of that nature, ruling out a supposed DDoS. is actually currently up, but leads to a portal to other Alex Jones websites, like his store and Twitter.

This leads me to ask several questions about this supposed attack:

Why is the site up right now and working fine?

Why is the store, (where InfoWars makes a ton of money from) still up and has experienced 0 downtime?

Why are Newswars and PrisonPlanet still up?

Alex and InfoWars stand to gain a lot from this, taking down their own site would allow him to start a buzz on Twitter and Facebook about censorship which would cause him to gain more subscribers to his show, more purchases on his store, and more donations. Whatever Alex can gain publicity, he will use.

(I will update this article with details as I get them, however I wanted to get this out ASAP.)

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