So. Much. Winning.

It is probably a good thing that the Nobel Peace Prize committee waited before giving President Trump that prize. After months of waiting, and only a month out from the meeting, Trump abruptly canceled his Singapore meeting with the North Korean dictator, Kim Jun-Un. You really should not be surprised. Here are some thoughts.

  1. When you put ignorant morons in charge, what else should you expect? North Korea was never going to give up their nuclear arsenal. After what happened in Iraq and Libya this century, it was the only way Kim could protect his regime from a potential American attack. While the maximum position was off the table (barring a potential decision by Trump to concede across the board to North Korea), a less ambitious but still valuable arms control deal was possible. For the near future, that appears off the table.
  2. I would not be surprised if a meeting would still happen. The original agreement came about because US and ROK officials got Trump to believe he could disarm the north. I do not see why that could not happen again. For the last few months, American and South Korean officials have been saying North Korea was open to disagreement while North Korea was saying no such thing. All it would take is another fairy tale to get Trump back to the table.
  3. South Korean President Moon Jae-in deserves credit for the meeting being agreed to and it being cancelled. Moon happily peddled lies that got Trump to come to the negotiating table. When Trump realized those were lies, he left the table.
  4. No, neither we nor Trump won. I keep seeing conservatives say we (Trump) won because North Korea gave up three hostages and dismantled their testing facility without giving anything up. First off, the main problem still exists. North Korea still has about sixty nukes with matching Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles that can hit anywhere in the United States. Compared to that, three hostages are small beans.Furthermore, the DPRK already has a working nuclear warhead so they do not need to test anymore, but, even if they did, reopening the tunnel or constructing a new test site would not be hard or out of character for the regime (see the destruction of the cooling tower at Yongbyon).
  5. Over the last few months, Kim has been deisolating his regime. Trump’s dramatic pull out will cause South Korea, Japan, China, and Russia to blame him and leading the US to be further isolated.

At least Trump owned the libs.

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