Famous Far Leftist’s Criticism of Identity Politics

Murray Bookchin was the son of Soviet expats. He grew up in New York City and was from the very start concerned with political philosophy. (His upbringing and name closely resemble that of anarcho-capitalist, Murray Rothbard). Disillusioned by the totalitarian socialist experiment in the USSR, the 20th-century socialist, following Kropotkin, developed his own theory of anarcho-socialism.

Bookchin also famously called the then-freshman politician, Bernie Sanders, a “fake socialist” (and he’s right).

Being the good leftist that he is, he was just as concerned about social justice as many feminists or “social justice warriors” are today. However, unlike the SJWs today, Bookchin was completely against the use of identity politics.

Inter-identity politics, in which we are all fighting against each other. And blacks claim that they are more oppressed than women so the women’s movement should subordinate itself to blacks and shut up. Or women who claim that the woman’s movement is… more primal than blacks or so on and so forth, or males should generally subordinate themselves. This is getting sickening already, this has nothing to with the left, this has to do with chaos.

It’s not hard to find an example of this madness today, this Tribe article demonstrates it brilliantly: White Feminists Don’t Care About Black People. Unfortunately, the left today has done nothing to heed his remarks.

You can watch the full interview here

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