The Nunes Memo Summary

I expected the Nunes memo to be underwhelming. I was blown away by how underwhelming it was. The memo did little in the way of giving us new information. It did confirm some old information but it added more flames to old questions.

Below is the memo with annotations, my commentary, and key takeaways. I also typed the commentary and takeaways below.

Annotated Nunes memo (click to view)

  1. High-level Trump administration officials supported FISA warrants against Carter Page.
  2. This is a loaded term. This memo provides no evidence to justify this point and news reports have contradicted it.
  3. This point is overblown. The accuracy of the dossier is far more important than who paid for it.
  4. This is a fair critique of the FBI and DOJ.
  5. I am certainly no expert here, but I think this is an exaggeration.
  6. A source can be biased but also correct.
  7. Need evidence for “minimally”. Does it mean few details (but which could be important) or minor details?
  8. Memo conceded that the dossier is accurate on some level.
  9. This is a total misquote. Comey was referring to a specific part of the dossier. Not the entire dossier.
  10. Use of “sought” is important. Just because the FBI would not seek the FISA warrant without it does not mean the lacked the evidence to get it without it.
  11. Memo concedes the Russia investigation was not triggered by the memo or political reasons.


  1. We need to see the FISA warrant for Carter Page
  2. Need to see evidence for specific terms
  3. Need to see democratic rebuttal memo
  4. Little to no new information
  5. Little to no evidence of improper behavior

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