18 Predictions for 2018

  1. Democrats take back the House and Senate
  2. Republicans lose more governorships, house seats and state legislatures than Democrats did in 2010
  3. President Trump’s approval rating will fall below 30% in the RCP average
  4. Paul Ryan will lose his speakership before the midterms
  5. 3 or more cabinet members will leave their position
  6. Trump will start a war in the Korean peninsula
  7. Trump will back off plans to leave the Paris climate accord
  8. No wall will be built but DACA will be signed into law
  9. Trump will make a major push for an infrastructure bill
  10. The national debt will pass 22 trillion
  11. The DJIA will break 30,000
  12. Megan Kelly will return to Fox News
  13. LSU will beat Alabama
  14. Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl
  15. Cleveland Cavaliers versus Golden State in the NBA finals again. Cleveland Wins this time
  16. Lebron James stays with Cleveland
  17. ECU baseball will make Ohama for the first time ever
  18. Avengers: Infinity War grosses over two billion internationally

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