Catalonian Elections Show a Divided Nation

Manu Belmonte | Barcelona, SPAIN

The plurality victory of the center-right party, Ciduanos did not prevent the independence majority in the Catalonian parliament. The Catalan separatists would repeat an absolute majority in the regional parliament despite the strong push of the Citizens party, a supporter of unity with Spain in a great triumph of the dismissed president, Carles Puigdemont.

Junts per Catalunya (JxCAT), the independence platform recently created by Puigdemont, fled to Belgium, was the secessionist force with more seats, 34, which added to the 32 Republican Esquerra de Catalunya (ERC) and 4 of the CUP, exceed 68 of the absolute majority.


However, the force with the most deputies and votes was Ciudadanos, by Inés Arrimadas, with 36 deputies.

As was the case in 2015, the independentistas benefit from the electoral system, which rewards the rural vote and allowed them to achieve a very narrow majority.


Puigdemont assured yesterday in an interview with Reuters that King Felipe VI has an opportunity in the Christmas message to begin the “rectification”. The leader of Junts has considered that in a speech on October 3 the King “was gravely mistaken because he preferred to be the king of 155 and the Spanish Government, not the head of state.”

“It was almost the monarchy itself that has excluded itself from a future solution,” he reproached. Junts has opted for the President of the Parliament, Carme Forcadell, and the rest of the members of the House Board to repeat their position in the next term, according to sources of the training cited by Europa Press.

The victory of the separatists is a blow to the president of the Spanish government Mariano Rajoy, who intervened Catalan autonomy after the failed proclamation of independence on October 27, and called these elections in which his Popular Party (PP) achieved only 4 deputies, in comparison with the 11 that it had before.

It also questions the decision of deposed Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras, of ERC, who preferred to stay in Spain and face justice and is now in jail. His party was favorite in the polls but finished third.



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