Black Achilles

Earlier this week, BBC released the first shots of “Troy: Fall of a City,” an upcoming action drama based off of the Greek epic. The series will be available internationally on Netflix.

Something very peculiar about the show is their casting of Achilles. Below, you will see that the London-born Ghanian, David Gyasi plays the role of the ancient Greek legend.

British actor of Ghanaian descent, David Gyasi, stars as the legendary Achilles

I do not mean to insult Gyasi or discredit his acting abilities (he’s probably more suited for the job than I am). However, with his casting, we see the agenda and hypocrisy of the left by the producers widely exposed.

Leftists will rather dilute historical accuracy in order to promote a more “inclusive” view of history. Simply put, Achilles is a Greek man, an ancient Greek man to be even more exact. The possibilities of him being a black man are none.

Ironically enough, Gyasi’s portrayal of the character is nothing less than cultural appropriation. Had this been Black Panther and instead of Chadwick Boseman, they casted Liam Hemsworth, there would be protests at the movie theaters (and rightfully so).

But the exception is always white culture, we have guilt and this our way of paying it back

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