America is not Individualistic.

The verdict on Kat Steinle’s death was extremely disappointing to me. What made the tragedy of the young woman’s death worse was the political turmoil that followed.

It was only inevitable that conservatives would jump on the jury’s decision. Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, President Trump, and other numerous far/alt-right twitter users made sure to use it to push their xenophobia.

Democrats have to shoulder a lot of the blame for this. Their extremely relaxed policies on illegal immigrants don’t discriminate between righteous contributors to society and threatening parasites. In the end, it makes all of them share the responsibility of the crimes committed by the likes of 5 time deported felon, Jose Garcia Zarate.

To conservatives, every illegal immigrant is a Zarate. Criminal, menacing, and a dangerous threat to our citizens.

To liberals, they’re all a Larissa Martinez. Honest, hardworking people looking for something better.

Somehow, it’s so difficult for us to say “let’s deport all the Zarate’s and keep all the Martinez’s.”

Instead, it’s either we deport all DREAMERs and illegals, or we give blanket amnesty. Common sense is being replaced with absolutism.

And this goes for other issues like police brutality. Any time, before the facts of the case are even known, conservatives will immediately defend the police while liberals and BLM will paint all cops as pigs and the African American as an upstanding citizen that didn’t do anything.

You’ll rarely hear in conversations something like “while not all cops are bad, we should look for methods to hold accountable any unlawful actions committed by the police force.”

Instead, football players wear socks with pigs dressed as cops.

Worst of a, l however, is that we think every member of the opposite side of the spectrum thinks like this.

Let me make clear, that not every conservative or liberal thinks the way I described them. The limitations of our language require me to generalize (which may be part of the problem as well).

Not every conservative is xenophobic, homophobic, greedy, or a bible thumper. Much like not every liberal is a weak, emotional, materialist, Anti-Fa member. The nature of politics has divided us into believing so and it doesn’t help that the people who are generally the loudest.

We’re missing a sense of individualism. We can’t see someone or something for themselves in their own context, instead, they have to fit into our predispositions.

“Classical liberals” i.e., political hipsters that gloat how moderate they are and who watch Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, and Sargon of Akkad for political inspiration. Those guys say this is “identity” politics that have corrupted our political system.

While they innocently believe that their rational and open-minded outlook is way forward, the actual problem is just politics itself and everything involved it.

The very nature of politics gives rise to a left vs right dichotomy. The problems are compounded due to universal suffrage which allows anyone regardless of knowledge or merit to participate. This is why so many voters are stupid because we let stupid people vote.

The solution is to completely abandoned where we are now and move into a post-political world. A complete abandonment of the modern state.

I think we’ll get there through seasteading or startup cities.

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