A Case for the Preservation of the United States of America

In contemporary times, it is becoming apparent that the world is rapidly changing, for better or for worse. Some people believe that change is always good. However, is that an erroneous line of reasoning?

The word “change” is thoroughly neutral. It does not say the thing which is adapting is developing, nor does it say that it is degenerating. However, given this fact that change can apply to development or degeneration, it is clear that change is not always good. When something is grand and glorious, preservation is to be preferred over change, although at times preservation requires an amount of adaptation. However, change is often the ruin of something already successful and thriving. In this subject, residents and citizens of the United States of America are faced with a choice: embrace the change occurring and approaching, or seek to preserve the principles of previous generations of Americans.

In the United States and around the world, everything is shifting, and many say it is all for the better. However, when people in America examine the changing which is transpiring, they discover there is an abundant amount of abandoning of laws and precedents happening, from the definition of marriage and gender to the enforcement of laws and regulations regarding immigration, and even things as small as speed limits. There is little development or care for the ideas and principles which brought the United States to the esteemed status it retains.

Clearly, many Americans are degenerating and devolving the moral codes and just laws that the previous generations upheld most vigorously, yet, if someone opposes this detrimental change, they are accused of opposing adaptation as a whole.

Furthermore, many citizens of the US undermine the very principle that rights are inherent to a human, given by a power much greater than government, and these same people essentially say that the oppression of these rights– life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness– is within the government’s ability, a thoroughly un-American concept. Whilst stagnation is not a good action, the active preservation of things which are good and true is a commendable deed. Yet, many people today in the United States do not perceive this. These people point out the examples in history where change was good, the areas where the change was developmental, but they ignore the times when change leads to the dissolving of things which are beneficial to society and everyone. For the reasons previously stated, contemporary adaptation is resulting in the degradation of America.

Thus, do we need change or preservation? The United States is one of the most developed countries in the world. Americans possess the greatest access to resources and opportunities, from any position in life than anyone else in the world. Thus, what needs to be changed; what needs to be developed or aggrandized? Whilst there are some things which may need to be changed in a good, refining way, America is in far greater danger from degradation. Proof of this lies in the fact that our country and it’s occupants have far more to lose than they have to gain, in comparison to the rest of the world. It is imperative that we protect what we already have, the fair laws, the justice system, and the moral backbone, from the designs of wicked men who seek to degrade and devolve America to an immoral and unjust nation. Thus, we must seek to preserve the benefits we already have, the benefits that allow so many people from all over the world to enjoy safety and comfort.

In the US today, supporting change is supporting a gamble which is far more likely to destroy the nation than benefit it. This great nation is at a point where Americans must fight most vehemently for the preservation of the safety and comfort America provides to its citizens and the world. Fighting degenerative change is not just a matter of helping Americans retain their power and exaltation over the citizens of other nations.

Rather, this fight is about preserving a country which has proffered many blessings to all nations of the world, and, if America is degraded to the point of a third world nation by the schemes of destructive change pushed by agents of evil, the whole world will reap the consequences. Americans have the battle to fight which extends to the livelihoods of billions of humans. The United States must preserve itself, to the point where all its glory and justice remains intact.

Submitted by Kaleb Johnson

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