GOP Establishment accuses Trump Base of Abandoning Conservative Principles Call For Automatic Tax Hike

Since the election of Donald Trump, we have seen a lot of handwringing by Never Trump Republicans. They decry what they see as an abandonment of conservative principles by the party’ s base.

They were right, we are seeing an abandonment of principles. However, they are being abandoned by the Establishment Republicans. It’s ironic because these RINO’s have been championed by the Never Trump crew as the last link to the party of Reagan.

First, we witnessed the epic fail that was the “attempt” to repeal Obamacare. GOP mainstays like John McCain helped torpedo the effort despite promising for seven years to kill that monstrosity.

Now they have turned their attention to passing a tax reform bill. It has been basic Republican policy since at least Reagan to lower taxes. This should be an easy win for a party that needs one. Not so fast.

The Associated Press is reporting that Senate Republicans are considering putting a tax increase on their tax cut bill. “Senate Republicans are considering a trigger that would automatically increase taxes if their sweeping legislation fails to generate as much revenue as they expect. It’s an effort to mollify deficit hawks who worry that tax cuts for businesses and individuals will add to the nation’s already mounting debt.”

Imagine the uproar among progressives if Democrats had put in a trigger into Obamacare that would have abandoned the insurance mandate if premiums didn’t go down by the promised $2500 per family. You can’t can you? That’s because the Democrats never abandon their principles.

This should be looked upon as a big middle finger to Reagan Republicans. This trigger basically admits they don’t believe that tax cuts benefit the economy. Furthermore, since when has the Republican Party believed you cured deficits with tax increases? President Reagan said that Washington didn’t have a revenue problem it had a spending problem. Do establishment Republicans believe this anymore? It doesn’t seem like it.

Not only is this an abandonment of principles but it is also very cowardly. They want to make it automatic so they can tell their base that it was beyond their control. Yes, they believe we are that stupid. If they want to have a tax increase if revenues to reach an arbitrary level they should have to vote on it at that time. Instead, they formed it as a punishment as if to say, Too bad you rubes, you didn’t grow the economy like we wanted so we are now taking more of your money.

If the establishment is successful in implementing this trigger it will be the worst betrayal of conservative principles and voters since president Bush senior breaking his ‘read my lips’ pledge. They won’t be able to say that it is the bases’ fault either. It will all be on them.

Robert Pickup is a constitutional conservative who writes about current events and politics at his blog. His writing has also appeared on The Federalist and The Blaze.

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