There is no Moral Case for Moore

In the final month of his Senate run, Roy Moore has been hit with, at this time, seven accusations of inappropriate conduct with minors– ranging from just being creepy to molestation. While many conservatives have opted to defend Roy Moore on the grounds there is no evidence he is guilty, the case against him is actually strong.

Before I lay it out, let me be clear, there is no hard evidence. There is no smoking gun, photograph or anything else. That should not be surprising. Most sexual assault allegations today lack hard evidence. Hard evidence, like a picture of a certain Senator groping a reporter, surviving thirty years is even less likely. Instead, we have to rely on circumstantial evidence. Circumstantial evidence is evidence that requires an inference to connect facts. In translation, we have a lot of evidence that makes Roy Moore’s guilt or innocence more or less likely but none that make it a sure thing.

Regardless, Roy Moore is on the verge of being elected to the Senate, a position where character matters. Co-outs, like appealing to legal standards, have no place in a time where we have to evaluate the evidence and decide for ourselves what we believe happened.

Here is the case against Roy Moore:

  1. All seven stories are consistent with nature and circumstance. All are of similar ages and none accuse Roy Moore of crossing the line into rape.
  2. At least two of the women are Trump supporters. Including the two allegations that come closest to rape.
  3. None of the victims are asking for money.
  4. The first four were found by the Washington Post and did not seek out fame for themselves. The fifth only came out because she had always thought she was the only one.
  5. There are more than thirty witnesses corroborating the accuser’s story and vouching for knowing about the accusations years before the Senate race began.
  6. Roy Moore was known to date girls in their teens when he was in his thirties.
  7. Roy Moore was banned from the local mall for hitting on teenage girls.
  8. Roy Moore claims he never knew the fifth victim. The fifth victim has provided a signed yearbook showing Roy Moore’s signature proving he did know the victim.
  9. Roy Moore has offered no evidence or case against the accusers with any substance.

Again, while none of this is damning, it makes the chances of Moore being guilty more and more likely. In the end, we have to use basic judgment to decide if we believe he is guilty or not.

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