Hollywood vs DC on Sexual Scandals

The news this month has been filled with sexual scandals ever since multiple women accused Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein of sexually exploiting them. The scandal triggered a social media campaign, as well as a wave of similar allegations against and ousters of powerful men around the world, called the “Weinstein effect

Anthony Rapp would soon afterward accuse House of Cards actor, Kevin Spacey in an intoxicated state, made unwanted sexual advances on him when he was a minor at a party.

Spacey said that it’s possible it happened, he just cannot remember it and at the same time, he came out as a homosexual which drew a lot of criticism because it seemed as a way to shed the negativity of his actions.

These allegations lead to Spacey’s Netflix special being canceled for a new season.

And more allegations kept raised against Hollywood actors such as Louis CK who had his upcoming movie and FX tv show canceled. Other big names facing heat have been filmmakers, James Toback and Brett Ratner.

But these kinds of revelations have not been specific to the entertainment industry. The Alabama hopeful, Roy Moore, has had many women accuse him of making sexual advances on them while they were in high school and he was in thirty’s.

More of Moore’s dark past was uncovered when many of his town members knew of his pedophilic actions which lead to him being banned from the local shopping mall.

Now recently, Senator Al Franken has been under water for his controversial actions in this photo.


Al Franken groping Leeann Tweeden in 2006


Unlike big-time actors who faced swift repercussions for the actions, Moore and Franken could likely move on okay from their actions. The Alabama GOP and other important political figures have said they would stand by Moore through this; dismissing the allegations as slanderous propaganda.

Franken’s situation has lead to him being mostly silent on the issue, just issuing two apologies for what happened. Senate leaders, Mitch McConnel and Chuck Schumer agreed to refer this case to the Senate ethics committee for “further investigation.”

Franken will hope that this will blow off over Thanksgiving break and be drowned out by other major news.

These scandals have only been taken advantage of for partisan issues. Trump lambasted Franken but stayed silent on Moore. Meanwhile, Democrats have used Moore to attack the GOP as a whole. Politics have shown that people will put their party above morals.

Hollywood shows the zero tolerance the marketplace has for unethical actions, Capitol Hill will show how far the politicians and public sector employees can go without facing justice.

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