Quasi-Coup in Zimbawbe

Zimbabwe’s military was mobilized in what is an apparent takeover of the country. The country’s president, Robert Mugabe, contacted his South African homologue saying he was fine and under house arrest.

The armed forces patrol the capital, Harare, after seizing the state media, stating they were only targeting “criminals” and not overthrowing the government.

These actions may possibly stem Mugabe termination of, Emmerson Mnangagwa, a famed liberation fighter, as vice-president.

Mnangagwa, Mugabe and Mphoko seen here in a file photo from 2014 (Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters)

Mugabe, 93, has ruled the nation for over four decades and there has been a power struggle between his wife and the former vice president as who would succeed him. Mnangagwa’s sacking left Mugabe’s wife, Grace, as the one to take the helm after his death.

The military reports that Mugabe’s family is under their custody however  Sky News reports Grace Mugabe has fled across the border to Namibia.

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