Roy Moore Must Step Aside

Roy Moore is a disgusting human being and pathetic representation of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Today, at noon, the Washington Post dropped a story that made it crystal clear.

With three/four accusations and thirty other sources, the Washington Post dropped a bombshell report accusing Moore of inappropriate conduct with minors. If these stories are true, and they almost certainly are, Moore should step down immediately.

Sadly Moore’s ego will likely get in the way, leaving two options.

If Moore does not do what is right, the Republican Party should remove him as their nominee. If this happens, Moore will be ineligible to win since he would no longer be the nominee, triggering a second special election.

If the party fails to stand for basic moral decency and Moore does win, the Senate should immediately take advantage of Article 1 Section 5 Clause 2 of the US Constitution and use a two-thirds majority to immediately expel Moore from the chamber and trigger a second special election.

The worst case scenario would be a moral failing across the board. Moore failing to drop out, Alabama voters choosing party over decency, the party accepting vile behavior and the Senate allowing a pedophile to join its ranks.

Roy Moore joining the Senate would truly be a low point for American politics.

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