When Flying to Another Country to buy an iPhone is Cheaper

The iPhone X costs $ 1,000 in the United States, which makes it the most expensive Apple smartphone so far. The most striking thing is its LED screen, which occupies almost all its surface; and the incorporation of the Face ID that replaces the menu button with Touch ID.

Sales, meanwhile, are good (despite negative estimates); So much so that they already surpassed those of the iPhone 8 during the same period, according to a report by the company of analysis Localytics. After the first weekend of sales, the iPhone X already reached 0.93% of marketshare within the Apple smartphone world; while the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus reach, combined, 0.7% after its first weekend of sale, in September.

While iPhones are already legally obtained in Argentina, affording one is an issue.

Plagued by inflated prices caused by high tariffs of the Kirchner presidency; imported goods have become luxuries.

The local newspaper, El Cronista reported that it would be more cost effective to fly to Miami to buy your iPhone X, than it is to purchase it domestically.

An iPhone in Argentina costs around $48,000 pesos or $2,700 in US dollars, nearly triple the American price.

A plane ticket to Miami has an estimated cost of USD $850. The costs of transfers to and from the hotel, including one night’s stay, could be reasonably estimated at $250. If we pay taxes at customs (USD $700), the total experience amounts to $45,600 Argentine pesos. We still have more than $2,000 pesos left over.

Protectionism plagues the South American country. The failure of the new center-right government to overturn these backwater tariffs has done nothing but retard economic growth and hurt the welfare of the average citizen

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