Trump 1 Democrats 0

After almost a year of over the top hyperventilation by the Democratic party, the rubber has finally hit the road.

Democrats have told the American people for months that Trump, his campaign, and the people around him somehow colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 Presidential election. They have spent all their time since last November turning the panic meter up to eleven for the Trump administration.

Today a real scandal hit the Trump administration and it fell flat because we were all told to expect collusion and all we got was Trump hiring a corrupt campaign chair that did not actually do anything illegal during the campaign.

For most President’s, hiring a campaign chairman who laundered money from Russia, outside of the campaign, would be a big deal but when the expectations have been raised to that campaign chairman actively working on behalf of a hostile Russian government, the accusations fall flat. A level six on the penis meter just does not have the same effect as a level eleven.
Here are the facts.

The thirty-one page indictment was released today. Donald Trump was not mentioned once. The Trump campaign was not mentioned once. Nothing in any credible report from any journalist suggests Robert Mueller has anything on Donald Trump or his campaign.

In truth, there was never any evidence to suggest the Trump campaign worked with Russia to swing the election. Democrats took a fair narrative, that Russia helped Trump on their own accord, and blew it out of proportion.

Of course, Democrats will run victory laps regardless, but Trump supporters can breathe a sigh of relief.
The Democratic narrative against their hero has been busted. Unless an unexpected curve ball is released, the conclusion of this case is known. The only thing left is the fine details.

One thought on “Trump 1 Democrats 0

  1. Excellent work, very balanced in every article I’ve read. You, conservative_matt, and the other folks I’ve seen do an excellent job.


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