Walmart is Pushing Automization

Over the past few years, Walmart has tested out shelf-scanning robots in select stores in California, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania.

The machines are supposed to help identify out-of-stock items and mislabeled products. Now the retail giant plans on adding these to 50 new stores in states such as Florida and Texas.

If you are running up and down the aisle and you want to decide if we are out of Cheerios or not, a human doesn’t do that job very well, and they don’t like it

– Jeremy King, chief technology officer for Walmart

Walmart isn’t the only retailer sticking it’s stake in automization. Amazon has been using Kiva robots for its packing operations, saving about 20 percent in operating expenses.

This is sure comes as a blow to The Fight for $15 movement that seeks to push the minimum wage up to $15 dollars an hour. This will surely weaken the labor market for low skilled warrior as companies will be more incentivized to use more productive technology.

Walmarts robots are reportedly, 50 percent more productive than their human counterparts and can scan shelves up to three times faster.

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