Clinton-Russia Falsehood

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt and dishonest person. Supposedly, as Secretary of State, she sold twenty percent of American uranium to Russia. Except there are some problems with this story. Here are the facts:

  • The Willow Creek Uranium Mine in Wyoming is less than four percent of total US uranium reserves. Up to forty percent of our uranium has come from the mine in the past. In recent years, it has been less than four percent. Stein characterized the mine as “little”.
  • The US does not produce uranium. Less than three percent of American used uranium comes from America. Well less than one percent of uranium used in America comes from the Willow Creek Mine– less than a hundredth of a percent. This mine is NOT important to the US.
  • Our largest supplier of uranium comes from –wait for it– Russia. Because of the Megawatts to Megatons program, Russia sells us their enriched uranium they got from old nuclear weapons they disassembled. If you are worried about Russia controlling our uranium surprised, your worries are misplaced.  
  • When the mine was bought by a Russian firm, CFIUS– The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States- and the NRC– Nuclear Regulatory Commission- approved the purchases. The State Department has one member on CFIUS and CFIUS is under the authority of the Treasury Department. The NRC is an independent agency.
  • The company, which bought the mine, did NOT have a license to export and it cannot be exported without one. The uranium is stuck in the USA.
  • Russia is getting rid of fissile material– “material capable of sustaining a nuclear fission chain reaction”. They do not need our uranium to make more.

This information comes from the Arms Control Wonk Podcast and their episode on the issue which is done by Jeffrey Lewis and Aaron Stein. I encourage everyone to listen to the full episode– it is only twenty-three minutes. Jeffrey Lewis is a senior scholar at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey who focuses on nuclear policy and Aaron Stein is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council who focuses on nuclear policy, the middle east and missile defense.

As Jeffrey Lewis says, this is a “total garbage story” about a “relatively boring mining concession”. Aaron Stein went further, calling the story “bullshit”. There is plenty to attack Hillary Clinton over, this is not one of them.

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