A response to Sachi Feris’ blog post on “cultural appropriation”

I have officially lost all hope in the future of this country. This country is done for. No president can save us. We are too far gone. I say this not because of this country’s bad economy, foreign policy, and immigration policy (hopefully President Trump will fix those as promised). I say this because of the American citizens who seem to show a significant decrease in IQ levels overtime.

A woman by the name of Sachi Feris has released a blog post in which she tells of how it is problematic that her white, 5-year-old daughter wanted to dress up as a Disney character who is a “Pacific Islander” for Halloween. Just reading this blog made me lose brain cells.

Blog summary

Sachi Feris takes issue with the fact that her white daughter wants to dress up as Moana, a “pacific islander” Disney character who is an inspiration to children all over the country. Feris claims this is “cultural appropriation” and that it could be disrespectful to dress up as someone who has a different culture from your own. She tries to convince her child to either make a new costume selection or to “change up” the costume. Feris suggests to her child that she dress like a “modern day” Moana because wearing clothes that another culture wore could be seen as “making fun” of said culture. So, long story short, Feris gets what she wants and her daughter agrees to change costumes.

But wait, There’s more…

One good thing about this blog entry is that it has a plot twist. The daughter decides she wants to dress up as the infamous Disney Princess, Elsa, who is a white and powerful character. Feris decides that this is problematic as well.

I feel like because Elsa is a White princess, and we see so many White princesses, her character sends the message that you have to be a certain way to be ‘beautiful’ or to be a ‘princess’…that you have to have White skin, long, blond hair, and blue eyes.

This woman then claims to have given the child a lesson on “white privilege”. Finally, after all of this dream crushing, the little girl decides to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween.

My Response

You have got to be kidding me. First of all, this is a 5-year-old girl we are talking about. All she wants to do is dress up as her favorite Disney princess. This terrible mother decides to deprive her child of this desire and instead uses this time to indoctrinate her 5-year-old on cultural appropriation and the non-existent “white privilege”.

Secondly, am I not allowed to dress up as “Falcon” from Captain America 2 simply because he is black and I am white? He’s a badass character but, because I am white, I can’t dress up as this awesome character because that could be offensive.

Thirdly, how? How is this offensive? How is this considered “making fun” of someone? The reality is that it’s not. The left wants us all to live in this make pretend world where anyone can be offended by anything. They want to indoctrinate people on non-existent topics. Their goal is to ruin things that all political sides come together on, like Halloween.




7 thoughts on “A response to Sachi Feris’ blog post on “cultural appropriation”

  1. Exactly what I was thinking. People like her still believe in so-called “White Privilege”, when she is literally admitting that she thinks Elsa is a more powerful princess character because she is a white character. How sickening that she would pressure a child to have to worry about racism when the child most likely was doing the exact opposite.


  2. Can we banish these retarded social justice clowns? They can live in solitude, reflecting on how offended they are about everything.


  3. She is a Fracking Lunatic….. She is a Fracking nutcase! I am praying that thousands of little WHITE girls show up at herff house dressed as Elsa…. Fracking crazy idiot!


  4. It is Sacha Feris that is the racist here, wanting to keep “her own” culture free from influences, or being at risk of offending someone for some reason, all while having no issues with her own cultural appropriation, by making foreign foods, partaking in non-US cultural elements etc. It just sums up the PC brigade, and they are no better than the white power boys, having their own twisted take on keeping “pure”. No culture has ever been harmed by a bit of adoption or exchange, except for when some of the original cultures has been hit by the less good elements of western culture, which is in all honesty, sometimes quite screwed up.


  5. You know what being “race conscious” is? It’s being racist. We’re all supposed to raise our kids to be racist folks. Sachi Feris wants you to. Problem with people like this is there isn’t enough racism to go round so they have to fabricate it in order to feel relevant. The fact is that when children dress up as these characters they are paying homage to them. It doesn’t matter what race they are because the kids can see past that. They are not obsessed with skin colour the way these so called “activists” are. Of course, as they get older and are confronted more and more with the likes of Sachi Feris calling them racist, then resentment creeps in and may well express itself in racism and, if it does, the “activists” will have won. They are generating their own supply of racism which suits their purpose. These people should be ignored by the press not lionised like this. You want to get rid of racism? Get rid of the race baiters.

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