Is Our Society Still Racist?

An investigation was conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research whereby resumes of equal qualifications were submitted to various available positions. The research, which was aggregated across a multitude of industries, found that names such as Emily Walsh and Joe Baker were 33% more likely to get a call back than names such as Lakisha Washington or Dantel Jones. Notwithstanding affirmative action, statute which prohibits the discrimination of persons based upon ethnic and racial background, and the grossly conspicuous efforts of employers to implement a manner of diversity deliberately cultured for the benefit of the company as well as the minorities who have suffered oppression throughout history, minorities are still susceptible to the tribulations of their genetic armature.

If it is widely believed that racism is no longer accepted by the standards of social propriety, then why is there still quantifiable oppression which American minorities still suffer? It is the result of the sole factor that contemporary culture is constructed to quash any likelihood of a rational and necessary discussion regarding the preconceived notions of race and the problems that endure as a result of them. According to this culture, it is perceived as a latent issue that is not an integral part of one’s identity. This is utterly fallacious and is because there are certain races and ethnicities who possess an obvious interest to reprehend any acceptance of preconceived notions of race, as this may hazard a diminution of precedence and social echelon on account of one’s race which is, unfortunately, a guiding societal factor. These individuals wish, subconsciously, to aggrandize themselves on account of their race, and this is only possible through the systemic and deliberate indifference to race.

Moreover, failure to state this irrefragable fact is both detrimental to the progressivity of a society and the conscience of the individual. This is why it is integral that the social forces by which individuals identify are not only accepted by society, but not used as a means of repressing a certain racial or ethnic group. Inherently, every being is entitled to sovereign dignities and the unhindered right to succeed regardless of the skin color, ethnic background, or racial heritage they possess.

Author’s Note: Though the doctrine I shared above doesn’t necessarily adhere to conventional Libertarian principles, I feel that race is a topic which we as Libertarians seldom speak to. Furthermore, I feel it is important to recognize the awesome powers racism has on our society. I am not stating that the strides in race relations have not made an impact, because they have. I am stating that most, if not all of us, have a preconceived notion of race and possess a prejudice towards our own race. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, Asian, or Hispanic. You inherently want to associate with what you know.

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