The Token Economy: It’s Time to be Paid for Every Single Job We Do

“In the future, many more things we do (passive or active) will be offset by a token of some sort. Likewise, governments are issuing money today, in the future companies will issue tokens to marry value to a function they have, or a product of their specific offer.”

–William Mougayar at the Ethereal 2017 summit.

William Mougayar, the author of The Business Blockchain, said at the Ethereal 2017 Summit that:

“Today we all have 3 jobs: the job that is paid to us in an office; to take care of ourselves, and our family and home; and the third job we have, has been given by another company to use their services – hire a car for example. All kinds of work have been given to us, without being rewarded for them.”

Does it seem right to you? Not to me. It is now that we all receive the equivalent value of our contribution to the society. Every business can benefit from people’s intelligence, and smart societies use this collective intelligence to improve their services. An even smarter society rewards the source of these precious information – their customers. And it is time for everyone to learn, that it is perfectly right to be rewarded for our effort.

We Are All Part of the Token Economy

This is not a new concept. The token economy is a runtime system used to reward a behavior. Many schools and nurseries work with some kind of reward (token, stickers, or other forms of points) to encourage positive behaviors in children. Tokens are also applied to all types of games, where players receive a reward at reaching a certain level, marked as a goal by the game creator. Token’s economy is also every job; Every person who goes to work is rewarded after reaching goals set by the company, and in return is paid. Very often payment is made in fiat currency such as euro, dollars, etc. Very often there is an added value in the form of lunch allowances, gym attendance, travel expenses and annual paid leave. This also adds to the remuneration we all get going to “work”. So we are all very aware of the token’s economy and are an active part of it.
What if each company issues its own token to reward any business, which brings some value to it?
Then I think we will all be paid in different tokens depending on how much value we have added to each company. This makes us all collaborators of a company without having a civil contract. We can have 10 different jobs, where we devote several hours of our time, so it’s fair to be paid for every hour of our time, which we offer to an enterprise. So, none of us depends on a single employer, but from many different employers who benefit from the part of us that serves their business.

Tokaco Dentacoin

The Dentacoin token was invented to assist the Dentacoin Foundation in its mission to improve the dental industry globally, giving people power (in this case patients). Dentacoin works to develop a range of instruments, each of which points to a different aspect of the dental industry. Using and implementing these tools, people receive rewards in dentacoin tokens, which can then be used to pay for dental treatments or to buy products related to their dental health. This is a long-term mission, which in turn will improve dental health, thus improving overall health and improving longevity of life

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